With our Gulfstream 450 airplane, destinations are very close to you.

By our High Technological airplane, whose safety has worldwide been proven, you will feel the extraordinary comfort, technology and the privilege of still being in connection with the entire world.

In addition to VIP service and cabin entertainment systems in G-450 cabin during our long-duration flights, you can watch the camera views on the monitors inside the cabin that are taken from the Fuselage, wings and tail sections and accompany our excitement and glamorous sky rituals during landing and take-off.

  • Maximum Flight Safety

  • Comfort, Functional Design, The largest cabin windows of the world

  • The best oxygen environment by 100 % fresh air, flight without exhaustion,

  • VIP-Diligent Service, Catering (Hot/Cold).

  • Blu-Ray CD, Satellite News, Iridium Phone, 6 Independent Channel Music Systems

  • Foggy and Winter Conditions, only the advanced vision system supplied by Gulfstream, thermal cameras and EVS system.

  • SVS, 3-Dimensional Synthetic Vision System, Visual Information System

  • Onecall, security and technical support communication with technical center during every second of the flight.